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Wellesley High School Science Team

The WHS science team participates in the Western Suburban Science League and in the Massachusetts State Olympiad. We are very cool, friendly, and not at all weird. The team is very small, especially compared to the teams of say A-B or Newton South and such. We have 3 teacher coaches (which is more than many teams twice our size), no captains and an undefined number of members. Last meet we brought 12.



The WHS Science Team has, at the moment, three coaches: Dr van Geel, Mr. Krieger and Prof. Lovett.


Mr. Krieger

Mr. Krieger is an alien from planet X. He has come to earth to misinform students about crazy theories such as gravity, quantum mechanics, and cats in boxes.

He will be taking over the world very shortly. Make sure to have plenty of Einsteinium on hand... as it is his weak spot. That and chocolate ice cream cake.


Prof. Lovett

Professor Lovett teaches physics, robotics and alien ecology. As far as we know, he might be an alien too.

News Update: Our reports show that Prof. Lovett may actually be from the future. It seems he has come back thousands of years to prevent the earthlings from destroying themselves, because this put the hit inter-galactic reality show 'Earth' (the most widespread high school drama and self centered beings all on one planet and ready to kill each other, what could be better?) off the air (since Earth was gone). Prof. Lovett, or so we think he is named (or will be named...) is (will be?) the producer of this show, and he likes (will like? I don't know!) the gazillionare life style it has made him, so he must save it!



Dr. van Geel

Dr. van Geel is a chemistry teacher. He's probably an alien also. That or a robot. Most scientists are robots, as you will learn in AP Chem.

We believe he comes from the dwork (dorky-dwarf) planet Xena. Either that or Titan. According to our sources, he is teaching students to worship a strange, five faced, three eyed being named "Pivnert."


Dr. Brown

A long long time ago, there was a coach named Dr. Brown on science team. As far as we know, he is now carrying out his master plan of annoying the heck out of the everyone with his ingenious alien plot commonly know as 'Reaccreditation.' Be afraid. Be very afraid.



We do not have them anymore. Everyone is a "winner," everyone is a "captain."



The WHS Science Team is a pretty small team, though not the smallest. There are around 15-20 members, though different amounts of people go to each meet depending on how busy they are with other things. Here you can find information about various members.


Samantha, aka Samwise, is the creator of this site. She is a junior. She likes building medieval weapons, and firing stuff at the neighbors. Or launching grapes out of them.... either works. She also enjoys reading Tolkien, Jordan, Salvatore, and most especially Kurt Vonnegut. And she makes web sites, and does digital art stuff.

Web site:


Hannah is an art student who somehow managed to be recruited as a member of the science team through a series of events even she does not understand. She likes drawing pretty pictures and using photoshop. She also has an avid interest in biology and ecology. She also enjoys reading. Her favorite author is J.D. Salinger.

Her art can be viewed at:



Amanda has been a captain of Science Team for two years, and is extremely disappointed in the newly inaugurated system by which every member is a captain, but she is still going to write that she was a captain both years on her college applications.  She has been a member of the team since 9th grade, and has felt a strong sense of belonging ever since she found out other members of the team knew who MC Hawking was.  She won an argument with Kim Scott about math in 10th grade.  She is proud to have helped the team to impressive non-last place finishes each year.