Here is a list of links to different science related sites.

  • Western Suburban Science League Official Page
  • This is the official page of WSSL. Scores are usually posted here a day or two after the meet, but sometimes it takes longer. If this site does not have the updated scores, try looking here.

  • Massachusetts Science Olympiad Home Page

    This is the official science Olympiad page. Our team is Division C. You can go here to see how the other teams did.

  • Wellesley High School

    The Wellesley High School web site.

  • Mr. Krieger's Web Site

    This is Mr. Krieger's Web Site. It has a little Science Team page on it too. Not as cool as this one...

  • BU Design Competition

    The Boston University of Engineering has an annual design competition for high school students.

    "In brief, the Design Competition involves teams of two students, both of whom must be high school freshmen, sophomores, or juniors at the time of the competition. Each team will design and build a vehicle that will, under its own power, perform a series of tasks while either descending or ascending a sloped ramp. See the 2006 "Rules of the Road" for specific details."

  • The Magic School Bus!
  • This needs to introduction. It's THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS!

  • Bill Nye the Science Guy

    Once again, no intrduction needed. Bill Nye the science guy. There are cool facts and experiments you can do at home. And Bill Nye clothes.

  • How to make Oobleck

    It is something everyone should know how to do. In case of emergency.