Reasons to Join | Who to Talk To | When to Come | "Rules"

Thinking of joining the Wellesley High School Science team? We'd really appreciate your joining. A big team would be very helpful in doing well in WSSL and states. If you want an introduction to the team, the Team Information page is on Mercury. We encourage all people at all interested in any type of science to join.

Reasons to Join

Not sure if you want to join? Here are some reasons why...

  • It's really fun!
  • You get to learn more about science without the pressure of grades and homework.
  • You get to travel to lots of different schools for the meets.
  • At the meets you can eat chips.
  • There are lots of interesting people and teachers on the team.
  • You can make friends with them!
  • The events at the meets are really exciting and fun, especially when you know what you're doing.
  • You have the oppurtunity to meet kids from schools other than Wellesley.
  • You can beat Newton South...


Who to Talk to if you Want to Join

If you think you want to join, there are a few people you can talk to, or email.

Mr. Krieger
Dr. van Geel
Prof. Lovett

Mr. Finn


When to Come

Now that you've decided to join, you should find out the meeting times. Generally the team meets every Thursday after school, usually until 3:30, sometimes later, sometimes earlier. We meet in Mr. Krieger's room, Room 72. It's down in the basement, across from the art room. We have Meets at other schools October-February, usually the second Thursday of the month. The meeting schedule is on the front page and on the WSSL page.



The science team doesn't have many strict rules, but there is one rule we try to enforce. You should come to all the meetings you can, and if you cannot be sure to tell someone. We would all really appreciate it.