Fermi Questions


Fermi Questions is an event that, surprisingly, is made up of fermi questions. It is given in a test, just with the questions, that can be split up between people in the group, or done as a group.

A fermi question is a question that asks for a very large or very small number, like How many people are alive on the Earth right now? Lets say there are 6 billion people on the earth. Written in scientific notation, that's

6 x 10->9<- (this is the answer)

The number the ten is raised to is the answer to the Fermi Question. So the answer is 9.


Past Scores

Meet Rank
WSSL 2004-2005 1st
Olympiad 05 didn't place
WSSL 2005-2006 4th
Olympiad 06 didn't place